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Custom Sticky Notes

Make your thoughts stick.

Never forget a task, errand or phone number again with custom sticky  notes from The Whole Nine Yards, LLC. Whether you use them for your business or your  personal life, sticky notes will express your individuality or company  personality and keep your tasks and information top-of-mind.

At  The Whole Nine Yards, LLC, it’s easy to customize your sticky notes with the exact  design and style you want. Here is how you can personalize your adhesive  notes:

  • Upload your own pre-made design
  • Choose your favorite font and text color
  • Add your own text, images, logo and background photo

With 50 pages of custom sticky notes at your fingertips, you'll write down  plenty of useful information before needing to switch to a new pad.

At the office, logo  sticky notes provide a fast and professional-looking resource for quick  snippets of information. For example, if you spend much of your time on  the phone, keep a pad of sticky notes on your desk to keep important  phone numbers and other contact information in front of you. Stick them  on your computer or nearest wall to ensure that you'll remember it.

If you're at home, use your custom sticky notes to give others small lists or pieces of information. Let's say you have a quick recipe for a  dessert that you want to share with your neighbor. Copy it down on a  sticky note that has your name printed on it so your neighbor will  remember who gave them the recipe.

No matter the reason, these  sticky notes will keep thoughts stuck in your mind, all while showcasing your particular style. Along with the personalization and low price,  you can rest easy with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't  absolutely love your time spent with us, we'll make it right. So stick  with the best and order your custom sticky notes from The Whole Nine Yards today!




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